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Best SEO Practices To Move Up Rankings Consistently

Best SEO Practices To Move Up Rankings Consistently

Digital marketing is a wide world of search opportunities and targeted strategies.

With so many paid and organic ad tricks, it can be hard to know where to begin. However, there are some SEO practices that are sure to boost business traffic and conversions.

No matter your industry, these three simple tips can have huge results.

Know Your Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of any strong search strategy.

They should be at the heart of everything you create for your SEO campaigns. As such, it is important to do in-depth research for the best keywords available to you.

Try to have a mix of short and long-tail phrases.

Short keywords are the common terms related to your industry. They are typically harder to use when trying to improve your ranking, because everyone will be using them. Yet, it is still important to have these in your SEO descriptions and landing pages.

The real potential lies with long-tail keywords.

This is where you can get more specific. Try including your location at the end of a short keyword to have a targeted approach. This helps narrow the search for consumers who know exactly what they’re looking for in their area.

Don’t forget, your brand is a keyword as well. You may be one of multiple competitors in your area, but your brand is unique.

Push Good Content

Once you have a better understanding of how to pick and implement keywords, it’s time to get to work creating good content.

Your content has to be consistent. The message has to be clear, well-branded, and exciting.

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The best way to do this is to make sure you use keywords with intention. Don’t just throw them onto your landing pages or social media. Instead, align them with who you are.

Try adding a keyword into a unique company hashtag on social media. Post multiple times throughout the week using blog posts, company updates, and industry news to stay relevant.

Make sure everything you create has a powerful call to action as well. Remember, powerful doesn’t always mean making a sale.

One of the strongest SEO practices to boost rankings is a strong call to action in your SEO description. The action here is as simple as clicking on your website. However, it has strong potential to lead to a sale or subscription.

Focus on starting a conversation with your users and then keep it going. In time, the right content will lead them to buying-in and making a purchase.

Add More Links

A great way to encourage sales and brand loyalty is to add links in your content.

Internal links help guide users to deep-seeded pages they may not even know are on your site. It increases their brand awareness and can prolong the length of time they spend clicking through your different landing pages.

The more users interact like this, the more likely they are to choose your brand over a competitor. It also helps gain exposure for a wide range of services, or if you have multiple locations like OB One Communications does.

Make a point to add links that are relevant to your industry as well.

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This can boost your credibility with clients. It also has the potential to start conversations with thought leaders, which is always a good idea.

Start Using the Best SEO Practices

Ready to see your rankings improve?

Stop rushing through your SEO strategy and take the time to implement the best SEO practices. These simple tricks can be the difference from being at the top of the second page to working your way up the first page of search results.

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