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5 Key SEO Solutions for a Web Design Company

5 Key SEO Solutions for a Web Design Company

Design companies have unique needs when it comes to website traffic. Not all SEO solutions will work for your niche. You need SEO that is competitive in your industry to distinguish your brand.

It’s easy to master the basics of SEO. There are countless resources available for free on the web. Even learning SEO for niche areas is available to businesses.

But you need more than SEO tips. You need a search engine optimization strategy. And you must personalize your strategy for your unique target audience.

The Best SEO Solutions for Design Firms

One year ago, 46% of small businesses had no website. Many claim it is not important to their business. But with SEO strategies for niche audiences, these companies could succeed.

The design market itself is crowded. But you can carve your own niche and build SEO solutions that succeed. Business success depends on targeting and the digital strategy you build around it.

5 SEO Solutions to Include in Your Strategy

The following five solutions will help you engage customers in your target audience. You’ll also learn how to maintain your performance with an SEO strategy.

1. Optimize Keywords

Google’s criteria for keywords is always changing. It’s no longer enough to heavily populate your site with keywords. Your keywords must be part of natural language to succeed.

You should continue to choose the best keywords for your site. Study your target audience to see how their searches change. They may change priorities from one year to the next.

2. Use Inbound and Outbound Links

Use outbound links on your pages to improve SEO. Authoritative sites can provide inbound links to your site as well. These links increase the integrity of your site and improve search rankings.

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Maintaining these links must be part of your SEO strategy. As you take down content, inbound links become invalid. You will need to update your outbound links to other sites as well.

3. Design the Perfect Sitemap

Cloud-based applications help you manage and adjust your sitemap. Solutions like Slickplan help you design the perfect cloud-based sitemap. You can have multiple users updating and consolidating resources in a single place.

Before you build, think about the information you will offer users. You should determine your goals and how your target audience will find you. Determine who will be responsible for the sitemap and update as the market evolves.

4. Create a Content Strategy

The most important SEO tool is great and relevant content. You need a content calendar with up-to-date topics to attract relevant audiences. Incorporating keywords in this content is essential as well.

You may not have in-house resources to support frequent content. Hiring third parties is now an affordable solution. Leverage expert writers and free your team from the burden.

5. Get Your Customers Involved

There is nothing more compelling than dozens of customer five-star ratings. Encourage your customers to share written reviews on your website as well.

Great customer praise will improve your SEO. It provides a hook for potential customers when they visit.

More Winning SEO Resources for Design Firms

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