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Smartbots: What Is the Most Intelligent Chatbot?

Smartbots: What Is the Most Intelligent Chatbot?

A 2020 study showed that 58 percent of B2B companies and 42 percent of B2C companies are using a chatbot on their website. The technology has gone mainstream.

But not all chatbots are made equal.

While chatbots can enhance customer experience with speedy response times to queries, a poorly automated chatbot can cause more problems and frustrate potential customers.

Step in Smartbots…

What Is a Smartbot?

A smartbot is a type of chatbot. Chatbots are fairly commonplace in the digital realm now. Chances are you’ve talked with one, though you might not have known it if it was a good chatbot. 

The little box that pops up in the lower right corner? Almost always a chatbot.

When you get immediate responses from a company on Facebook Messenger? Almost always a chatbot.

Our point is, they’re everywhere. There are two main types of chatbots, which is what we’ll use to differentiate between chatbots and smartbots.

The first type of chatbots is task-orientated chatbots or declarative chatbots. These programs focus on performing one sole function. A great example of this would be to answer common queries, like opening hours or contact numbers. 

Task-orientated chatbots aren’t a lesser type of chatbot. They’re very good at what they do, but they’re unable to mimic conversational type language and their capabilities are basic. They’re the most commonly used chatbot currently.

The other type of chatbot, or smartbot as we’ll call it, is data-driven and predictive chatbots. They’re still capable of performing tasks, but they’re much more sophisticated and personalized than the former. They’re better able to understand contexts and use analytics to personalize responses based on user profiles and past behavior. 

Smartbots generally provide a better customer experience. They’re better at understanding and responding to customers as well as performing a wider variety of tasks.

Does Your Business Need a Chatbot?

If you want to provide the best customer experience then the answer is a resounding yes. But even beyond this chatbots can save your employees time and therefore save your business money.

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This isn’t to say remove your customer service team altogether. Chatbots can answer many of the common queries sent in from potential customers, but even the smartest chatbots will struggle with difficult queries. This is when you have a human step in to deal with the query.

You can also use chatbots to qualify leads. This means you have all the information you need about a customer passed onto your staff, creating a better customer experience when they do speak to a human. 

Additionally, some chatbots can automate aspects of sales. They can be programmed to search for specific products, make related product suggestions, and check in-stock items. This often improves conversions considerably. 

It might seem like the most common chatbots you’ll find are hosted on company websites, but this isn’t the case. Many chatbots and smartbots are being integrated into social media platforms like Facebook Messenger. A chatbot platform allows quick, personalized responses as well as automated messages to your subscribers.

Most Intelligent Smartbots

Though chatbots and smartbots have their place in businesses, some of these are created just for the fun of it. There’s even an annual prize called the Loebner Prize. The Loebner Prize is given to computer programs (or bots) considered to be the most human-like.

These chatbots are some of the most sophisticated and smartest artificial intelligence out there, and well worth checking out to see just how incredible the technology is behind smartbots!


Mitsuku is the current reigning champion of the Loebner Prize, or in other words the world’s smartest chatbot. “She” has also held that title for five years. Praised by everyone from Google to the New York Times, Mitsuku is a revolutionary technology. 

Unlike most smartbots who still have more of a dedicated function or task, Mitsuku will talk to you about, well, just about anything you fancy. She understands mood and context. Her creator, Steve Worswick, has even given her an avatar to give a face to the name.

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Faketalk has actually been popular in Korea for a while. This chatbot app lets users “talk” to anyone they want. Whether you want to craft yourself a partner or chat with a celebrity, Faketalk can do it.

Faketalk also learns as it goes. It becomes better at interacting with you the longer it talks to you. While it’s relatively new to the Western market as it’s basic language is Korean, Faketalk can learn new languages over time. 


Rose was the winner of the Loebner Prize back in 2014 and 2015. Much like Mitsuku, you can talk to Rose about just about anything.

She hasn’t been updated much since her win back in 2015, but you can still talk to her via text interface on her site. Described as an unorthodox millennial who can be secretive, she’s well worth a visit. We challenge you not to be impressed!

Dr. A.I.

Created by Healthtap and hosted within platforms like Alexa, Dr. A.I. is a smartbot that functions as a physician. Dr. A.I. will ask you about your symptoms, body, medical history, and more before using a clever algorithm to bring up the most and least likely diagnoses. It then ranks these by order of seriousness. 

This chatbot focuses on emotional intelligence and deep learning techniques as well as artificial intelligence. It can give recommended courses of action based on symptoms and even connect you to a real doctor. 

Just the Beginning

We’re only at the start of artificial intelligence and learning. What smartbots and chatbots may be capable of in the coming years may amaze us even more.

You can keep up to date with the latest technology and SEO news on our blog, so make sure to check it out. 

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