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5 Effective Backlink Strategies to Improve Your Ranking

5 Effective Backlink Strategies to Improve Your Ranking

Now your website is complete, posted online, filled with all your hard work and quality content, how do you get people to visit? How do you rank on Google as a site worth investigating?

That is a job for SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the way people find your website listed on Google or another search engine. This article will explain how backlink strategies help, what a backlink strategy consists of and most of all, how it can benefit you and increase your website traffic. 

Backlink Strategies

Google has confirmed backlinks and high-quality content are two of the three most important factors in SEO. But what are backlinks? A backlink is a link from another website.

Search engines see these links as a“vote of approval” for your content by another site. Developing an SEO backlink strategy will improve your site’s ranking position and search visibility. 

What Is a Backlink Strategy?

A black link strategy is a plan to optimize exposure to your website by earning backlinks from reputable websites. Link building is an essential part of building SEO.

The best backlink strategies include being cited as a reputable source, by a reputable site. This goes a long way in boosting your website’s authority and SEO ranking. 

Best Backlink Strategy

Backlinks can be difficult, and time-consuming, for a new website to earn. When considering how to build a backlink strategy, first do a little competitor backlink research.

By examining the backlink profile or the collection of pages and domains linking to a competitor’s site who is already ranking high for your keywords, you will gain valuable insight into the link building that helped them. 

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Use a backlink tool to uncover these links so you can use those domains in your backlink strategy.

How To Create a Backlink Strategy

Landing backlinks from credible websites may seem difficult but follow these five tips to create a backlink strategy to optimize your site’s visibility, improve your rankings, and increase your website traffic. 

  1. Earn backlinks by creating credible content that people find useful.
  2. Submit links to directories, when leaving comments, and when linking from other online locations.
  3. Build links by guest posting, broken link building, and unlinked brand mentions. 
  4. Use lots of visuals. There are a few types of content that will earn a link more quickly: data and statistics and infographics. People love visuals!
  5. Practice reciprocal linking as long as it is not excessive, and to another high-quality site. 

Use a Backlink Strategy and Grow Your SEO

The more, the better is not effective.  Backlink strategies can help you aim for a few high-quality links rather than thousands of useless clicks that build no value for you. Weak or non-reputable backlinks can actually decrease your search engine rankings. 

Build good links for your business, for your customers, keeping them relevant and full of good content. Make sure they are organic, that is, not seen as manipulating Google’s algorithm for ranking.

Backlink strategy is all about relevance, quality, and focus. To continue reading about effective backlinks and other SEO practices, check out our other articles of creating backlinks for your website.

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