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7 Reasons Your Escort Site Needs Adult SEO Services

7 Reasons Your Escort Site Needs Adult SEO Services

If you have a personal escort website or host an escort agency, you understand how difficult it is to get ranked on search engines. Here are 7 reasons your escort site needs adult SEO services.

Currently, Google search results for ‘escort’ return over 71 million search results. Don’t miss out on valuable clients by getting lost in search results.

Your clients value discreet services, but they appreciate easy to find, appealing websites that make their wildest fantasies only a click away.

1. Boost Your Search Rankings

The first and more obvious reason to use adult SEO services is to boost your website’s ranking in client search results. When clients are searching for escorts in their area, they’re often bombarded with options.

Most potential clients won’t take the time to go the countless pages of search results. The pages that make the top of the list are more likely to get their business.

Adult SEO services work by introducing more content to your website through blogs and articles. These blogs capitalize on popular keywords and search terms related to your business.

Search engines like Google create search results by categorizing websites that include that keyword. Websites that are seen to be an authority on the topic will always rank higher in the search responses.

So do some research on keywords your clients search for most. Be sure your SEO blog contains that keyword repeatedly. Using it too many times can flag the piece as spam or bring down the quality of your website. All posts should feel organic and answer a question that your client might potential search for.

2. Educate and Excite New Clients

Angels of London is a great example of a website that has capitalized on adult SEO services. In addition to representing some of the most sought-after escorts in London, Angels of London has used adult SEO services to improve their search engine ranking.

One added benefit of SEO blogging is that their website can also educate and excite new clients with blog posts about what to expect and exciting date ideas.

Are you new to SEO blogging and looking for a do it yourself solution? Are you confused what else should be included in your pieces to attract the most attention?
Fortunately, we’ve got a free beginners guide to SEO blogging. This will help set you adult SEO blog on the right track!

3. Use Adult SEO Services to Attract More Clients

Because adult SEO services boost your ranking, your website may appear in search results for competing agencies. This means if someone is searching for a specific agency or profile, your page is more likely to be listed in their search results

This also builds brand awareness. If they decide to still go for the agency they were originally looking for, they’ll be more likely to think of your agency when they decide they’re ready for something different.

4. Make Your Profile Easier to Find

If you are an escort who has chosen not to use an agency, it is even more important to consider adult SEO services. Because Erotic Review agencies are often private members-only websites, your important reviews are not indexed in search engine rankings.

If a client recommends you to a friend, that friend may not know that merely searching your name in Google may not provide the necessary results to find you. Worse yet, the search may lead him on a search through a variety of escort ads and agencies in his area.

The longer he spends looking, the more likely he becomes to select a competitor. In short, you could be losing potential clients to websites that do use adult SEO services to boost their search engine ranking.

5. Appear in Search Result for Competing Services

Getting your website to appear in search results for cam girls and porn stars can be an effective way to drive new traffic to your page. These page visitors may not frequent the company of escorts but feel curious enough to click.

Creating backlinks to gentleman’s clubs, webcam hostings sites, and websites like PornHub can drive eager clients to your agency or profile. Additionally, SEO blogging can answer any questions they may have about booking, client verification, and what to expect on a date.

6. Outsmart Marketing Difficulties

Because of the nature of escorting websites, it’s often difficult to get clients to publicly share your websites or profile in the same way that they would traditional services. This adversity means that your business is even more reliant on its Google search ranking.

Another great way to outsmart the system is to take a note from the top competitors in your local area. Do a little digging to see what your highest ranking competition links to and who links back to them.

7. Become a Sought After Agency by Promoting Your Providers

HC escorts love agencies that use these methods because it boosts the number of clients that will view their profiles. Sought after escorts choose agencies that promote their profiles to a wide array of high-end clients.

You can even use your adult SEO blog to promote and profile some of your top performing providers. This could include an interview that gives a potential client a feel for her personality and what she enjoys most.


You go above and beyond for your clients so why wouldn’t we include an extra way to boost your business? We aren’t clock-watchers.

One option is to call in favors with escort directories for non-reciprocated link deals. If you include too many reciprocated links on your website, it can actually drive down your Google ranking.

Beware of spammy directories, as this can also flag search engines and hurt your digital presence. Never pay for backlinks! This can flag your website and leave you vulnerable to harsh Google penalties.

Forums such as blackhatworld and warriorforum can offer some added insight into how to get backlinks for adult entertainment websites. These online forums are often populated by people with a vast knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the online marketing. Some users are even helpful enough to make suggestions that can inspire great ideas that you or your SEO marketing analyst can help you achieve.

Hiring anyone directly from these boards is not suggested. Forum users are far more likely to compromise your site than companies with an online presence and reputation to protect.

Navigating the world of adult SEO services doesn’t have to be difficult. Using an experienced SEO service provider who has experience marketing adult services is the shortcut to getting your website the traffic it deserves.

Check out more articles to find more ways to boost the digital notoriety of your adult entertainment business.

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