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5 Ways a Mobile-Optimized Site Literally Drives Clients to You

5 Ways a Mobile-Optimized Site Literally Drives Clients to You

No one understands how enamored the world is with mobile technology more than a Realtor(R). And in a world obsessed, if your site doesn’t perform well on mobile you are way behind the competition in the real estate game.

But bringing your site up to speed does more than catch you up with the latest trends in website technology. Having a site that is mobile-optimized can help you gain new tenants.

Here’s how.

5 Ways to Get Clients with a Mobile-Optimized Site

Overall Usability

The main purpose of mobile optimization is to make your site usable on a mobile platform.

With increases in overall usability comes a better user experience. Web designers today focus on user experience because they understand that a customer’s frustration with a website can impact their desire or ability to focus on the content.

Having a mobile-optimized site leads to greater usability and a better experience where tenants spend more time on your site.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is practically a requirement for any website with the goal of driving business.

That’s because not only does it increase the user experience, but it also helps boost SEO. When your website is structured in a way that is intuitive and logical, it makes it easy for web crawler bots to determine what the page is all about.

When that occurs it helps your page turn up in the results for certain keywords in a Google search. Google search results are one important way that Realtors drive tenants to their website.

Take a website like this one, With clear messaging in the navigation bar and clean drop-down menus, it’s easy for tenants to understand what they are supposed to do.

Streamlined Contact

The process of optimizing a site for mobile can lead to many advantages. One such advantage is providing streamlined opportunities for website users to contact the Realtor(R) whose properties they are browsing.

Whether through easy contact forms or responsive design elements, providing clear direction for contact is just one way a mobile-optimized site brings tenants to you.

Responsive eCommerce

Responsive design includes any design elements that change and adjust in response to a users actions. When we talk about mobile optimization, responsive websites allow users to have a great experience whether they view the site from a computer screen, tablet or phone.

When turning your eCommerce site into a responsive design that focuses on mobile customers, you can go the extra mile to make responsive design elements work to increase conversions.

Using responsive design elements, you can retarget customers, offer suggestions from other pages or provide quick contact solutions for customers with questions and more. Instead of using a responsive design only to optimize for mobile, use it to your advantage and get more customers.

Higher Conversions

Some business owners need to see results in order to try something new, and Realtors(R) are no exception. For those people I say: mobile sites get higher conversions, period. With 50% of the global population on smartphones, what do you have to lose?

Get It While It’s Hot

Getting on board with mobile optimization has many benefits. These include a streamlined design that creates a better overall user experience with no confusion around how to contact or purchase something. For Realtors(R) and business owners, alike, that means this small change equals more new clients coming to you.

To get up-to-date information on how hot, new technology can impact your real estate business, follow us here.

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