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How Do The Foundations Of Local Search Marketing Help Your Business?

How Do The Foundations Of Local Search Marketing Help Your Business?

Small business newsletter service Tidings founder David Mihm talks about the changing face of local search marketing as part of The State of Local Search 2018. “If your mobile organic traffic for local is dropping, it’s not necessarily a sign that your SEO campaign is failing or your clients aren’t getting the visibility that they used to.”

Local search marketing is very much still a thing. It’s just become more integrated into our daily lives and the ways we conduct business.

Here’s how the principles of local search marketing can benefit your business!

How Local Search Marketing Can Help Your Business

There are currently 4.2 billion Internet users. That’s well over half of the Earth’s population. As business owners, we simply cannot ignore the digital economy, if anyone’s been holding out.

That’s not to say you need to sell products or services on your website. You don’t necessarily need to invest a ton of time and energy in cultivating an extensive social media presence.

Some form of digital presence is essential, however, if you hope to capture those billions of eyes, minds, and hearts.

Here are some ways that local search will help your business.

Customers Are Searching

A staggering 92% of consumers research a business before making a purchase. An impressive 12% research a local business every single day. That means 1 out of 8 people in your city are potentially looking for what you have to offer.

This is where local search comes in. If you’re new to this, wondering “What is local search?”, that’s where a user turns to a search engine to find a shop or service provider in their area.

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Help You Get Found

Here’s where local search marketing intersects with your other business strategies. If you’re not doing so yet, we highly encourage you to get into inbound marketing (also known as content marketing.) This lets customers find you, rather than you having to reach out to them.

Start a blog, and develop some content using phrases like, ‘[your business] in [your city.]’ Or the ever-popular ‘[name of industry] near me.’

For a good example of how local search can help a small business get found, check out this propane gas website.

Incorporate Reviews

Local search marketing gives you the opportunity to display social reviews, as well. Considering that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, you simply can’t buy that kind of marketing.

These are just three of the many millions of ways local search can boost your business, both online and in real life.

Looking For More SEO Strategies?

The SEO landscape is evolving at the speed of thought. Google is updating almost continually, at this point. Some of those updates can be quite disruptive if you’re not paying attention.

For insights on everything from local search marketing to how to get backlinks, read the rest of our local search articles today and start getting found!

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