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Extending Your Reach: 5 Tips for How to Expand Your Brand Presence

Extending Your Reach: 5 Tips for How to Expand Your Brand Presence

In today’s digital age, the online presence of a brand is also its currency. Almost as important as the goods or services that the brand is providing. If no one knows you or your brand how can you grow. 

While Google ads, SEO, and Facebook ads are all important in building a social presence, we cannot forget branding as just as important. A trusted well-known brand benefits by bringing in new customers eager to try their products and services.

Keep reading for five hefty tips on how to build, expand, and strengthen your brand presence.

Claim Industry Authority

“Content is king” is the most used phrase in the digital marketing industry, but still rings very true. Creating and publishing well thought out, shareable content is the way to claim authority in your industry and improve brand reach.

You want your brand to be the go-to for all information about the products or services you offer, whether you produce this content in text or videos. High-quality visuals reflective of your niche will always draw consumers and earn your ranking.

Guest Blog

Guest blogging with another company that has an established viewership is one of the best ways to give your brand a new audience. Especially in your respective field. It’s also completely free, and a guest post on the right blog could gather hundreds of traffic to your business/brand.

Along with an effective international SEO strategy, guest blogging builds a global audience and digital presence.

Consistent Content and Visuals 

Branding is more than what you’re writing and posting. It’s also making sure that these contents are reflective of your goals, visions, and products. Packaging items, fonts, colors, keywords are a few examples of branded content that should align with your brand.

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Eco-friendly brands for example would choose packaging, visual contents with well-known colors to keep their brand consistent all around. It is important that all content and product have a meaningful connection with your brand and target audience.

Brand vs Numbers

Branding is a long-term strategy and not something that can be calculated in analytics within a few days of implementing it. Branding is the phrase your customers think of when they see your brand, it works without pushiness to buy a product but rather on creating a very specific feeling and story to your brand.

Email Marketing

With the rise of social media accounts, email marketing has taken the back burner in branding initiatives.

Email marketing is still very effective, creating a tempting call to action and offering ease of email sign-ups are great ways to get new customers to join your mailing list.

Creating a Brand Presence

Building your brand is no easy feat, and while the results aren’t always immediate, they have very positive long-term effects.

If you’ve focused on analytics and results, try using the 5 tips above to build strong relationships with your audience and watch your brand presence grow. Visit our business section for more finance and marketing articles.

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