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5 Shopify SEO Tips That Will Help You Dominate Your Competition

5 Shopify SEO Tips That Will Help You Dominate Your Competition

Shopify has just reported growth figures of nearly 90% from last year.

This kind of steady growth means that there is no end to their dominance of the e-commerce world coming in the near future. With so much competition you’ll have to make sure you’re taking advantage of Shopify SEO tactics.

If you’re new to SEO, you need to get to know how to use search engines strategically to expand your business. Most new customers encounter a new product through social media or search engines. You need to be putting your best foot forward on search engines if you want to compete.

To help build a specific SEO strategy for Shopify, follow these 5 tips to stay ahead of your competition.

1. Pay Per Click Isn’t Everything

While you may think that paying for every click you get through ads or listings will be a way to measure sales, it’s not always.

Pay Per Click (or PPC) costs are climbing every day and are key to keeping your presence online. But to connect clicks to sales would have to mean that there’s solid evidence that clicks lead to sales.

Customers don’t always trust sponsored links or online ads. The jig is up and lots of browsers include ad blockers as a standard add-on. You need to build an organic SEO practice to turn viewers into customers.

Don’t rush to abandon PPC, but be sure it’s not your only focus.

2. Comb Through Your Content

Because you might be carrying a lot of similar products, you might have a lot of similar or duplicate content on your site. Web crawlers, which index websites for search engines, hate this with a passion.

Make sure that you’re regularly going through your online shop and your product descriptions to ensure you’re not duplicating your writing. Use the tag rel=”canonical” to get around these issues.

Certain Shopify themes can help you solve this problem.

3. Strategic Content

Make sure that you’ve dedicated time to add unique content beyond just products and promotion. If you’ve got expertise in your field, write blog posts about how to use your products or what drove you to create these products.

Establish a brand authority and customers will trust you. Trust is the key to brand loyalty.

Connect all of your social media and come up with a strategy for each platform and how you can integrate them.

4. Write Your Own Descriptions

Lots of e-commerce sites copy and paste descriptions from their distributor or wholesaler. You need to shape your own voice on your Shopify page. This is a great opportunity to describe products the way your customers want to hear about them.

Also, this goes back to the issue of duplicate content. Of course, you need to include some important keywords. But the majority of content should be original. Search engines will reward you with solid placement.

For a great example of a product description, click for more examples.

5. Pictures Are Worth 1000 Clicks

The first thing that your customers want to see is an image of the product. People shop through image searches frequently now.

Ensure that your images include descriptive alt=” ” tags that search engines can use. Use your keywords but be economical.

Shopify SEO Increases Sales

By using simple tactics, you’ll rise to the top of your customer’s search results. Ensure that you’re always staying on top of your social media profiles as well. Integrate them whenever possible and avoid duplicate content there.

If you’re struggling with optimizing your Shopify SEO, contact us to increase sales and solidify your presence in the field.

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