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5 Plastic Surgery SEO Tips to Get Clients in Your Chair

5 Plastic Surgery SEO Tips to Get Clients in Your Chair

Everyone is having plastic surgery work done, or so it seems.

Some procedures can be done in a matter of hours, with little to no downtime. With its growing popularity, people are searching for the best plastic surgeons in their area.

These days, though, you need more than just a well-designed website. You need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive your website to the top of Search Engine Results Pages.

If you’re looking for affordable plastic surgery related SEO tips, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for five ways to get more clients in your chair.

1. Have an Eye-Catching Website

Whether you have a current website or you’re in the process of building one, make sure it reflects what your business is all about.

Build an online portfolio using high-quality images of your best work. Include before and after pictures, as well as client testimonials.

For SEO juice, make sure your web designer uses keywords associated with plastic surgery SEO. External link building and strong title tags for web pages are also essential.

2. Mobile-Friendly Website

With a growing number of people using mobile devices for their web searches, you want to have a mobile-friendly website.

To optimize your mobile website for user responsiveness, make sure the site loads quickly. Limit flash plug-ins and focus on vivid images and readable text.

Your mobile site should have a design layout that displays information in easy-to-read fonts. You should also offer the option for users to access the desktop version of your site.

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3. Google My Business Page (GMBP)

GMBPs is the business information section located in the right column of SERPs.

Getting your business listed is easier than you think. Simply submit a request to Google and follow the verification process. Once you’re approved, provide the following information like your website, contact information, images, and a review app.

If someone enters a search using your name or your practice lands at the top of the SERPs, a GMBP is a great tool. You can learn more about plastic surgery SEO here.

4. Plastic Surgery SEO Includes Website Content

Having current content on your website is a must. This can be done by having a blog with SEO content.

Blogs help solidify you as an expert in your field. Updating your website with useful information about plastic surgery will keep users coming back.

Add a social media plug-in where visitors can submit comments or ask questions. This will help to increase your SEO rankings.

5. Build a Social Media Presence

There’s no better way to market a plastic surgery practice than producing images of your work.

Having a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat can be a plastic surgeon’s goldmine. Simply share links from your website to your social media pages and drive more traffic to your website.

Do These Quick Tips Have You Thinking About SEO?

Having a strategy for driving traffic to your website is important. Hiring the right team to direct that traffic can make a huge difference.

For more of the latest tips on SEO strategies, contact TextLinks today.

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