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How to Increase Traffic to Your Movie Website

How to Increase Traffic to Your Movie Website

People love video so much that two of the top 10 sites in the US specialize in streaming video. That love for streaming video doesn’t mean your movie website will prove an automatic winner.

You’re starting from ground zero and competing against established giants with deep pockets. Even if you built a stable audience, it still takes a lot of visitors to make a movie site financially sound.

The good news is that there are lots of tricks and tactics to build a bigger audience and curry favor with search engines.

So let’s jump in and look at some of them.

Cater to a Niche Audience

Did you ever notice how restaurants tend to specialize in a certain kind of food? It’s a way to limit competition. If you’re the only Thai restaurant in town, everyone who wants Thai food will come to you.

You can apply the same logic to a movie site.

You can specialize in a particular genre, like horror, thrillers, or avant-garde. You may sacrifice some general viewers, but you become the go-to site for everyone interested in that genre.

You can also specialize by demographic, value, or both. You can focus on Spanish speakers looking for a good deal by advertising with this phrase: “peliculas gratis completas.” It roughly translates to completely free movies.

Communicate with Your Audience

You can help create a website brand and tone by communicating with your audience on a regular basis.

It’s a streaming video site so you can take advantage of that by filming a monthly “message from the founder” promo. It’s a chance to inject a bit of personality into the site and give your audience a sense of who you are.

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You can also take advantage of the power of blogging to do weekly or even daily posts. These can range from new releases on the site to your reviews of the movies you watch. The key is to maintain quality.

Allowing for comments on the founder video messages or blog posts gives you a chance to talk directly to your audience. That helps to cement the relationship between viewers and the site.

It also helps to boost your profile in search engines.

Promote Your Movie Website on Social Media

Social media provides a lot of opportunities to promote your site and draw in new viewers. Most let you create dedicated pages, channels or profiles. This lets you talk with your existing audience.

Many also allow for specialized communities. If you specialize in horror movies, you can usually find a horror movie community on the site. You’ll need to follow the community rules about advertising, but it’s a place to start.

Some social media sites let you show targeted ads to people who show an interest in streaming movies.

Parting Thoughts

There are several approaches you can take to boosting traffic to your movie website.

You can cater to a genre or demographic niche. Active communication helps you create a brand and tone, as well as make search engines happy. Social media lets you promote your site to a wide and targeted audience.

Once you pick an approach or several approaches, though, you need to stay consistent about it.

Looking for more help in boosting traffic? Check out our post on how proper links help boost your search engine rank.

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