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4 Practical SEO Tips That Your Business Can Actually Use

4 Practical SEO Tips That Your Business Can Actually Use

From the outside, SEO seems like a bunch of tricks and tips that you must follow to achieve rankings in searches.

There are plenty of great tips to go around, especially on this site.

But ultimately SEO is about creating the right customer experience on your website. People need to find value on your website and want to come back.

And as a business leader, these are the practical SEO tips you can actually use to optimize your site.

1) Put Customer Friendliness First

The most important part of SEO is having a User-Friendly site (UX). When your website demonstrates that you value your customers, you’ll:

  • Get more traffic
  • Have more click-throughs to other pages
  • Get more sign-ups, purchases, etc.

As you’re designing and layout your website, keep this focus and you’ll win at SEO.

2) Create a Seamless Navigation

Your website should be so easy to navigate. That’s practical SEO 101.

The number of navigation options should be limited so that customers don’t get choice paralysis. It’s a real condition in which people can’t make a decision because there are too many choices.

The navigation should be intuitive.

They should never wonder where a certain button will take them. This practical SEO tip is good for people and great for you because people will enjoy being on your website.

You wouldn’t buy an Aquatics World 40 litre fish tank if it had a leak in it. If you don’t have a seamless navigation, you’re leaking visitors and potential customers. They can’t easily figure out:

  • Where you want them to go
  • What they need to see
  • What more you have to offer
  • How great your site is once they get past the navigation
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3) Value Speed

Forty-seven percent of customers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less. While this may seem a lofty goal, the closer you can get to achieving this, the better you’ll fair.

You can speed up your site by:

  • Reducing the sizes of images
  • Simplifying animations
  • Having text load before animations

This speed doesn’t only apply to desktop computers. 60% of searches take place on mobile devices. Making sure everything is just as navigable and fast on smartphones is just as important.

4) Value Content

In the old days of SEO, people were investing in tons of bad content. They didn’t care if it was well written or interesting. They didn’t care if it sounded like a bad translation from another language.

But today, we understand the importance of customer experience. In order to succeed in SEO, you must value your customers enough to invest in quality content.

Practical SEO Starts Here

When you put your customers first, the rest of your SEO strategies can align better with the goals of search engines and your customers. When you create this alignment, you can begin taking practical steps toward better SEO.

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