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How to Create Anchorlinks that Boost Traffic to Your Site

How to Create Anchorlinks that Boost Traffic to Your Site

Are you ready to give your business a boost? It’s time to take a serious look at how you direct traffic to your site.

When done correctly, you can boost your business and see great gains. When done wrong, you can watch as the competition swoops in to clean up.

Don’t fret! Help is at hand.

Keep reading and we will take you through the major do’s and don’ts surrounding anchorlinks.

Help Ease The User Experience With Anchorlinks In Longer Pieces Of Text

If you have a lot of information on your page, then using anchorlinks is doing a favor to your customers. You may have a lot of ground to cover, but it is not all going to be relevant to every reader.

These anchors allow them to move from one place on the page to another, without having to read or scroll through things to get there.

You can enhance the user experience, while also ensuring they get the information they need to see faster and more efficiently.

Position Your Links Correctly So They Can Serve Their True Purpose

One of the key things to keep in mind when posting anchorlinks is to make sure you have them in the correct place on the page.

Unlike your standard inbound or outbound links, which you need to scatter through the text, anchors are there to ensure that people can skim the document and jump to the place they need.

Think of them like a table of contents at the start of a textbook.

Look through the contents, find what you need and turn to that page. It’s a tried and tested technique that has made the transition to the digital age.

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Keep A Relatable Naming Between Anchors And Text

If you are using anchorlinks in your text, then you need to make sure the anchor text and the place it links to in the document have the same header.

If you were looking for advice on buying window blinds and clicked to view Shuttercraft, you would expect the link to take you the section that discusses Shuttercraft, not something different.

It may sound like common sense, but often, that is the first thing out of the window.

It comes down to being clear and structured, and giving people what they want and need without making them work hard to find it.

Your aim is to make the user experience as seamless as possible, to encourage continued business with them.

While Anchor Text Is Important You Still Need Other Links To Fully Engage

Using links in your text is imperative when it comes to a successful digital marketing presence.

If you only have short posts on your site, then you probably won’t even need anchorlinks. However, you will still need inbound and outbound links to help your site reach its true potential.

Don’t worry. We can help with that too. Just check out our pages and you will be able to find enough articles and resources to help you bring your business to the very top.

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