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The Secret to SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

The Secret to SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Once you list your products, are your SEO product descriptions doing all they can to help your business? A great product will stay sitting on shelves if buyers can’t find it.

Your SEO product descriptions should be as easy to read for search engines and crawlers as they are for users and potential buyers. They say a great product can sell itself, but that’s only if it ends up in search results.

Follow the four steps below to ensure that your products are at the top of search results for potential buyers.

1. Aim For Your Audience

Imagine your ideal customer. Make a list of things they look for in a product. Think about which websites they might get their information from and use that tone of voice in your description.

Getting a handle on how you would pitch your product to meet the needs of your customer builds a level of trust. It also shows that you’re knowledgeable about what you’re selling.

You don’t want your product descriptions to speak to the product so much as how the customer can benefit from the product. Target the customer’s ideal experience with your product.

2. Keep It Simple

While technical specs can be useful for the most careful buyer, most buyers aren’t worried about temperature limits or weight capacity when looking at an object. Most buyers go with their gut, basing their decision making on emotions more than technical data.

Online buyers are not accustomed to running to the dictionary when they’re looking at products. SEO product descriptions need to use simple, common language. International e-commerce is on the rise, steadily taking over retail. Your buyers may not speak your language natively, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want your product.

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3. List The Essentials

Ensure that the most important features are listed first. If your product has some very similar features to other products on the market, consider leaving them out off of your site or pushing them to the bottom of the page. List the features that set your product apart from the competition without making users scroll to the end of the page.

Price, size, delivery, and what it looks like are sometimes the only characteristics that buyers are looking at. Feature that data prominently so that users know the information that is most important to them.

4. Make It Scannable

Be sure that your SEO product descriptions are easy to read. More users are reading and buying products from mobile devices. Complex descriptions frustrate potential buyers and big blocks of text can make users navigate to another site.

Create bulleted points that list the most important information. Set your price apart in a large bold colored font. Use subheadings that focus on the benefits of your product. Under your subheadings, you can be a little more expository.

Make Your SEO Product Descriptions Work For You

You want to be selling your products while you sleep or when you’re away from your office. Good SEO can get users and search engines to work together to move products off of your shelves.

Be sure that user experience is a top priority of your e-commerce site. Keep an eye on your search engine metrics and you’re sure to be surprised by the results.

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