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The Best SEO Strategy for Your Intervention Website

The Best SEO Strategy for Your Intervention Website

The digital landscape is boundless. For that reason, your intervention website has trouble standing out among competitors. It doesn’t receive the traffic, leads, or conversion that you were hoping for.

It may be time for you to revamp your website. More specifically, it may be time for you to revamp your SEO strategy.

The Importance Of SEO

Put simply, SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” SEO is, in essence, a process by which web designers ensure a given website garners a higher rank in search engine results. The process includes implementing several tried and true tricks of the trade.

Some of those tricks are simple bases to cover. Some of them are analytical in nature and involve looking at numbers to figure out which way to go. All are strategic and should be considered during your intervention website revamp.

The Best SEO Strategy for Your Intervention Website

Below, we’ve listed all of the must-haves when it comes to formulating the best SEO strategy possible. Let’s check them out.

Understand The Digital Landscape

Possibly the worst move you can make during your intervention website revamp is underestimating the digital landscape.

The digital landscape is competitive — fiercely competitive. It is insanely difficult to stand out among your competitors because there are just so many of them.

Prepare yourself for an uphill battle. And when you get to the top of the hill, you have to keep pushing upward. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and no strategy works forever.

In fact, you’ll be lucky if the same strategy works for a year or more.

The easiest way for potential readers to find your website is through search engines. Hence why SEO is so important.

But the buck doesn’t stop at SEO. You have to feature high-quality, unique content that keeps readers coming back for more. Resources, an intervention guide, and a blog are all examples of great content that wins over readers.

Additionally, invest time and resources in your social media platforms. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have hundreds of thousands of users. These platforms already have a gathered audience brimming with marketing potential.

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Social media platforms aren’t just an opportunity to win those platforms’ audiences. They’re also a chance to improve your SEO. Like websites, social media platforms can be optimized for higher search engine rankings.

Choose The Right Keywords

Another horrible move to make during your intervention website revamp is choosing the wrong keywords.

Readers use keywords to find content. Your keywords should be the same as theirs. If they aren’t, then potential readers won’t be able to find your website.

Your keywords should be neither vague nor specific. If they’re too vague, readers likely won’t find you among your competitors. If your keywords are too specific, however, your website might not even show up in the list of results.

So how do you know if you’re choosing the right keywords? There are a couple of different methods.

First, you can use a keyword finder. Many require a subscription fee, but some are free to use.

Second, pay attention to the suggested keywords that appear when you’re typing potential keywords into search engines. A list of five or more usually appears below the keyword you’re typing. By checking out the list, you can gain insight into the keywords that your readers are using.

Third, look at the suggested keywords that appear after you’ve searched your potential keywords. Again, they provide insight into what your readers are looking for. On Google, you can view these keywords at the bottom of the first results page.

Optimize Meta Descriptions, Web Page Titles, and Image Tags

When most people think of SEO, they think only of optimizing the body of their web pages. After all, a web page’s body is where the bulk of its content is.

But a web page’s content isn’t limited to just the body.

All web pages have a title. This title also provides an opportunity for SEO.

The same goes for meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are, in essence, the web page summaries that appear under each result on search engine result pages.

Additionally, images can be programmed to include alternative text. This text appears when the image can’t load for whatever reason. Like meta descriptions and web page titles, alternative text can be optimized.

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Include Relevant Links

One of the most important tactics you can implement on your intervention website is linking. Search engines take both internal and external links into account while ranking a site.

In the old days of the Internet, you could get away with including links to any site anywhere on your page. A link saying “African elephants” that went to a gambling site would have worked just fine.

Nowadays, that same tactic will get your website ranked lower. It may even result in your website being blacklisted and removed from all search engine results.

Search engines exist to help Internet users, not website runners. For that reasons, search engines now feature tighter algorithms that rank the quality of your links.

Links that go to irrelevant sites are ranked lower. Likewise, sites that feature irrelevant links are ranked lower.

Ensure all of your links to go relevant sites. Additionally, make sure those sites are trustworthy, reliable sites.

Know Your Audience

Every successful marketing strategy, SEO or otherwise, requires knowledge and understanding of the target audience.

Your target audience is your readers — or rather, the people whom you want to convert into your readers.

Before settling on your target audience, you must first know to whom your intervention website appeals.

You can find out this information by monitoring the traffic that you already get. Use an analytics tool such as Google Analytics to gather data about your audience. This data includes their age, gender, and location.

Once you know the audience you already have, you can effectively tailor your strategy to reel in more traffic.

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