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8 Great SEO Solutions for a Home Security Business

8 Great SEO Solutions for a Home Security Business

Are you looking to ramp up your home security business? You might want to consider SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a hugely effective strategy that can help your business rise up the ranks of Google. It’s a tried and true method to get your home security business in front of valuable online searches.

Unfortunately, SEO is easier said than done. It’s an ever-evolving landscape filled with new search trends, algorithm updates, and competition.

Are you struggling to get your home security business to rank? Here are 8 great SEO solutions that should help your home security business drive traffic. Read on to learn more.

1. Keywords

How does your target audience search online? What search terms do they use to find and connect with home security businesses? The best way to answer these questions is through keyword research.

Keyword research is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available. Keywords are popular phrases that capture a search engine’s attention.

To get a rankings boost, you should add a healthy dose of keywords to your website. Thankfully, finding keywords doesn’t have to be difficult.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to find attractive keywords for the industry. You can also check competitor websites and paid ads to get ideas for keywords.

Keywords are a great way to boost sales through SEO. However, be sure to use keywords that are attainable.

It’s easier for big home security companies like LifeShield to rank for competitive keywords. You might have to use alternative phrases or spellings to rank for relevant keywords.

2. Mobile-Friendly

It’s no secret that mobile is changing the face of modern search. But you might not know how just how influential mobile search can be.

Studies show that 55 percent of purchase-related conversions occur within one hour of initial mobile search. Not only is mobile search effective, it’s also more popular than ever.

Mobile accounts for a majority of online search traffic. Google made mobile even more important by giving search priority to mobile-friendly sites in 2018.

Mobile is crucial to security company marketing. Aim to use a mobile-responsive design when setting up your website.

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When optimizing for mobile, you should also use large images and easy to read font. Make sure that your site loads fast and accurately on mobile platforms.

Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of mobile conversions. Add several calls-to-action on your site to encourage mobile users to make a purchase.

3. Backlinks

SEO is all about building Google’s trust. Google likes to direct users to quality, authoritative sites.

How can you become trustworthy in Google’s eyes? You can start by building up quality backlinks.

Getting other sites to link to your website shows signs of legitimacy to search engines. It’s a digital marketing solution for any site.

You can build backlinks by reaching out to security blogs, similar companies, and experts in your niche. You can also participate in guest blogger outreach and offer your services in exchange for a link.

Not all backlinks are created equal. Be careful to only get backlinks from high-quality sites.

Getting backlinks from low-quality sites can be detrimental to your SEO. You may experience a rankings drop if too many poor sites link to your website. Be sure to build up the right kind of links for a rise through the ranks.

4. Voice Search

Alexa, find me a security system in Seattle. Siri, find me home alarm systems in Tampa.

Voice search experienced a meteoric rise over the last several years. It’s been so effective that security company marketing is scrambling to catch up.

Voice search accounts for over 20 percent of mobile searches. Applications like Amazon Echo have helped voice search rise to new heights. Despite its growing popularity, many SEO teams still ignore it.

You can take advantage of voice search by targeting new types of keywords. Voice searchers tend to use longer-tail keywords and informal phrases.

Targeting voice assistants is a win-win. It can give you a leg up on the competition and target a growing number of users.

5. Blog Posts

Content is king. That’s why blog posts are still essential to SEO strategy.

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The key is to create blog posts that cater to your target audience. Don’t write for search engines by stuffing in too many keywords. Instead, write home security advice that speaks to your target audience.

Consistency is also key when it comes to content. Posting at consistent times will help you gain more traffic and an SEO boost. Aim to publish at least one post per week and publish it at similar times.

6. Onsite Optimization

There’s no shortage of SEO hacks. But one of the easiest to execute is onsite optimization.

Onsite optimization focuses on content that is often ignored. You should add keywords to these pieces of content to increase your visibility on search engines. You can optimize things title tags, header tags, internal links, and URLs.

Every page on your site should have a unique meta description and title tag. You can also optimize your site by adding keywords to image descriptions. These small tweaks can have a big impact on your overall SEO.

7. Claim Your Business Listing

Have you claimed your business listing on Google?

This is another simple task that will help you rise through the Google ranks. By claiming this page, you can make sure you are in Google’s business directory.

You can also add information about your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. This will help Google verify your legitimacy.

8. Make It Shareable

There’s no denying the influence of social media.

Social media may not have a direct influence on your overall rank. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful.

You can add social widgets that encourage users to share your content. This can help you gain massive traffic and even go viral.

Make sure you distribute your content on social media. This will help you cater to your following and attract new customers to your site.

More SEO Solutions

Are you looking for more SEO solutions? We can help.

Check out our SEO strategies for more tips on reaching the top of Google.

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