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5 SEO Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

5 SEO Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Imagine a very selective club (Google) and you (a website) that wants to join this club. Only the coolest, most popular kids are invited to join.

The more popular you are (the higher your SEO ranking), the more likely you will receive the coveted invitation (show up in search engines).

As a beginner blogger, are you frustrated waiting for your invitation to this club?

You’ve probably had people tell you that SEO is important and it will grow your website and bring in traffic, but you have no idea where to begin. Let us help you with SEO writing tips that will help you rank higher in the search engines.

Studies show that 91% of internet-using adults use search engines to look up information. In order to be seen by potential readers, you need a strong SEO.

Check out these 5 SEO writing tips for beginner bloggers.

1. Readability

Readability is vital. Make your post easy for readers to skim. Make your paragraphs smaller by using 1-3 sentences.

Headlines are also great to use to help readers skim. They also tell search engines what your article is about and determine key points. Bullets, lists, and bold font when relevant also make your post more readable.

There are tools to help you test the readability of your post.

2. Use Images

It’s important to name your images within your post. When you upload an image, the default title is “IMG_123” and there isn’t any alt text.

You need to add a title and alt text using keywords. These help you become more searchable on search engines.

3. Content. Content. Content.

Get the point? High quality, useful content is a must.

Search results are ranked in order of their usefulness and relevance. When your content is informative, credible and useful to readers, your SEO value goes up.

4. Use Keywords

Execution and placement of keywords are important SEO writing tips. You need to be strategic.

Use your keyword or keywords in one of your H2 Headings. You also need to use it in your title, meta description and within the text (within the first 100 words). A meta description is a short description that shows beneath your title in a search engine.

The use of long tail keywords is helpful too. For example, a keyword may be “healthy eating.” A long tail keyword could be “healthy eating for college students”.

Tip: For a 500-word post, use your keyword 3-5 times. If your post is 1000 words, use the keyword 5-10 times. Click for more help on your keyword to word count ratio.

5. Use Internal and External Links

Search engines like it when you use both internal and external links within your blog post. Make sure these links are relevant to your post.

Search engines also like it when you make external links to authority sites. Internal links will link to other pages or articles within your website.

Doing this builds your credibility–and yes, search engines like credibility, too.

Want More Killer SEO Writing Tips?

Let us help!

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