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5 Reasons Your Cannabis Blog Should Use Keywords

5 Reasons Your Cannabis Blog Should Use Keywords

There is one thing bloggers keep in mind all the time: Their keywords. It doesn’t matter if it is a cannabis blog or a fashion blog.

Every blogger should know that keywords are an essential factor that determines whether your blog will meet success or not.

And you should too.

However, before you start, you need to know the importance of putting them on your cannabis blog. Well, it is your lucky day. Keep reading for five reasons why!

First of All… Keywords?

Okay, let’s start with the basics and see what these little friends called “keywords” are. First, they are words. Second, they are words that specify your overall blog’s content and can help you land higher in Google search results.

To make them work for you, you need to study SEO techniques and how you can integrate them into your content.

How many times should you use a keyword in your article? What happens when someone tries to trick Google? And when is the right time to hire an SEO expert?

Questions like these are going to torture you, but SEO is a whole science you need to study. So, for now, let’s just focus on the importance of keywords to boost your cannabis blog performance.

1. Your Cannabis Blog Will Get More Traffic

If you are new to SEO, you should know that the right use of keywords, will boost readership and increase traffic to your blog. New people will find you and go through your content to take as much information as possible.

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By using just the simplest SEO techniques, your blog will appear higher in Google search results and it will gain so much traffic that you will not believe your Google Analytics data.

2. For Reputation Purposes

When you are getting more traffic, you are getting more attention. People will visit your cannabis blog and either they will love your content or hate it. In both cases, you are forming an online reputation.

Playing with keywords will determine how people are going to find you and what terms best describe your content. Be careful of what you put out there and be a resource for valuable content.

Also, don’t forget the power of expertise. Being a trusted, online resource where people can read more about weed, will boom your traffic and engaged audience numbers. Take the Dope Mail weed online service, for example. These guys own a blog and know how to write informative, great posts in their niche.

3. They Increase Your Overall Visibility

When people visit a website, they don’t just stay there. Take yourself, for example. When you find a website on Google and love the content, you make sure you follow them on social media too. Or even subscribe to their newsletter.

By increasing your visibility in Google you increase your social media audience as well. And this leads us to another great reason why you should use keywords:

4. You Will Create a Regular, Trusted Fan-base

Many people believe that organic traffic coming from Google is not to be trusted. That these people will just click on the Google link, get the information and just leave.

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Sorry, but this is false.

Think of SEO as an opportunity. You get the chance to increase your readership but your content is responsible for turning them into fans. Before you start using keywords, make sure your blog posts are absolutely perfect.

5. Obviously, You Will Earn More Money

Usually, a blog works as a medium to reach new audiences through SEO. These audiences are not going to be just readers but also buyers, if you play by the rules.

You need to include a CTA (Call to Action) in your blog post. This way you will remind people of the services or products that you can offer, and they might buy them.

And this means success. After, all that’s what keywords can do for your blog: make it shine!

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