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SEO Tips and Tricks That Can Help Market Your Web Hosting Site

SEO Tips and Tricks That Can Help Market Your Web Hosting Site

As the owner of a web hosting site, you know that the competition is more fierce than ever.

Even being weeks behind the latest Algorithm update or digital marketing trend can cause your website to seriously plummet in the rankings.

And even if you stay on top of the latest SEO techniques, you still might not be implementing these changes in the most effective way.

If any of this sounds familiar when it comes to your site, then you need to keep reading this article.

In it, we’ll give you info from the insiders about the SEO tips and tricks you can’t afford to ignore this year.

Consider Voice Search

We know that you’re likely already optimizing your web hosting site’s content for typed search.

Perhaps you’re even using keywords in your image file names to optimize for reverse image searches as well.

However, these days, there’s a new way to search on the block: voice search.

Thanks to the rise of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexis?

A whopping 20% of all searches are now conducted by voice.

The takeaway?

There’s no time like the present to start optimizing your content for voice search.

But what are the SEO tips and tricks you need to know for your web hosting site?

First, it’s time to start using longer keyword phrases. Look for ones that actually mimic the way people speak. Now, phrases like “best web hosting” won’t work.

Instead, you’ll need to try something like “What are the best web hosting companies in Charleston, South Carolina?”

Keywords phrased in the form of a question do especially well.

Remember, when it comes to voice search, your ultimate goal should be to make it in Google’s “Snippet” section. Not only will your web content be read aloud by a voice search engine as an answer to a user’s question.

It will also be featured before any other web results.

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This seriously boosts your overall SEO score and encourages people to spend more time on your website in the future.

Mobile-First Makes Mobile-Friendliness Non-Negotiable

Google’s famous announcement that they were making the switch to a mobile-first index sent lots of SEO professionals into a tailspin.

The good news?

The change isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems. All it essentially means is that you’ll need to ensure that your website is perfectly optimized for mobile traffic.

Sometimes, mobile-friendly SEO tips and tricks can be as simple as keeping the actual content of your website easy to read on a mobile device. This means shortening sentences. Focus on including spaces between sentences, and choosing a clear and large font.

Other times, it means you’ll need to ensure that your web hosting content looks the same across screens of all sizes and mobile devices from different carriers. You’ll need to keep your design responsive and intuitive, just as you would with the standard version of your website.

Above all, you should resist the temptation to make a second “mobile version” of your website. Instead, if you want to focus more on mobile consumers, develop a separate app for your business instead.

Local SEO Will Reign Supreme

When you connect with your target market, you’re putting your content in front of the people who are, at the end of the day, the most likely to actually do business with you.

Especially if your business has a brick-and-mortar location (or even several of them), you need to make sure that the people in the community know your name.

Sure, sponsoring a sports team or putting an ad in your local paper is nice — but local SEO tips and tricks are a lot more effective than old-school local advertising.

Start by submitting your website to lots of online local directories. Then, be sure that you claim your company’s Google My Business listing, as well as any other listings on review sites like Angie’s List.

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Always geotag any social media posts, and if possible, ask to know the location of your users when they log onto your website.

An effective hack that only takes two seconds? Include a Google Map on your website’s “contact” page. This way, those who find your website while on a mobile device can have directions from their current location to your store sent to their phones.

Language Matters in Local SEO

Another way to ensure that your hosting platform website’s content is optimized for local search?

You might even need to include keywords that are written in different languages.

After all, search engines are only getting smarter every day.

This means that, in addition to displaying search engine results that are near to the physical location of the consumer, they’ll also look for options that are written in the language of the country they’re searching from.

For example, if your target market is in Peru, include keywords like “haga clic aqui?” to encourage users to click on services about web hosting.

Looking for Additional SEO Tips and Tricks?

We hope this post has helped you to better understand some of the most important SEO tips and tricks of 2018.

Remember, above all, it’s important that your website is completely optimized for mobile devices, local search, and especially voice search.

While the advice in this post is certainly valuable, keep in mind that it’s only a fraction of the sort of work that you’ll need to do if you’re really serious about making this the year that you outrank your competitors.

Looking for more information about how to implement the latest digital marketing strategies into your website?

We can help.

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