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3 Easy and Affordable SEO Tips for Telephone Companies

3 Easy and Affordable SEO Tips for Telephone Companies

The ironic thing about running a telephone company is that it takes excellent communication to run your business successfully. While having a quality support team to manage your customers is great, you shouldn’t overlook the need to continue growing your customer base.

And how does a telephone company achieve this?

With a solid SEO strategy!

There are a lot of businesses taking advantage of the benefits of search engine optimization. However, many of them still struggle with the basics.

Knowing what it takes to make an effective SEO plan is key. So we’ve put together these affordable SEO hacks you can use to start driving in more traffic to your website!

1. Write for Your Audience, Not Search Engines

One costly mistake companies make with their SEO strategies is writing for search engines.

Sure, you’re trying to attract Google bots to your site so your pages can get ranked. But this isn’t the 1990’s, and this strategy no longer works.

It’s essential to write all of your content – marketing and informational – strictly for the consumer. Writing content is an affordable SEO method, but not if you’re going to ignore the end user.

The language used should be easy to consume by your audience. And the topics should be of value to them. This requires some research on your part to learn what it is your customers want to know.

Providing the information they need can prove your authority in the telecommunications industry and potentially convert more prospects. VoiceOnyx telephone companies, for example, do an excellent job with optimizing for traffic using their professional blog.

2. Less Writing and More Showing

Now, this doesn’t mean you should forgo writing long pieces of content for shorter pieces. It’s already proven that longer 2,000+ word articles fare better in search results.

What we mean here is that using imagery to tell your brand story can also attract customers. And we’re not talking photographs, either.

Millions of users are consuming hours upon hours of video content per week. So, imagine what producing video content could do for your business.

You can build your own YouTube channel and embed videos on your business blog and other social media pages. Again, focus on creating content for the user.

Your videos should educate and entertain. Make your instructional content quick, easy and fun!

3. Maintain a Fast Website

What good is a website if it’s too slow to load? Check the page load speeds on your site using a desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

This will indicate whether you need to lighten your design load. If you have WordPress, you should try removing some of the plug-ins you have installed.

Another option is to reduce the number of graphics you have on your pages. But if these are crucial to your marketing strategy, then switch to a host that can deliver better results.

You need a host that can ensure maximum uptime and the ability to handle large websites and traffic. The speed of your website plays a significant role in your Google ranking, so don’t overlook this!

Learn More Affordable SEO Tips

If you’re new to the SEO game, the above tips should give you some insight into what it takes to run a campaign. Of course, there’s more to site optimization than this.

Delving deeper with a more solid SEO strategy requires expertise and know-how strategies. You can get that with the resources found at TextLinks!

Our goal is to educate business owners about SEO strategies, onsite optimization, and local SEO. Stop by our website today to learn more SEO tips and tricks!

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