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How Having the Best Local SEO Strategy Can Put Your Business on Top

How Having the Best Local SEO Strategy Can Put Your Business on Top

Search engines incorporate a lot of different factors into their categorization algorithm. This includes your business’ physical address, which means your business is more likely to show up when consumers type “[your service] near me” into their browser.

But there are a lot of businesses in your area, and many of them will be your competitors. No matter who you’re trying to reach, your business needs to be featured on the top page of the results.

Your address isn’t enough to get you there by itself. This is how having best local SEO strategy can appeal to your clients:

What You are Selling

The online marketplace is huge and growing bigger by the minute. Brands are succeeding online and often have no brick and mortar location.

Things like print on demand, drop shipping, and digital goods make for a diverse and competitive online economy. Companies often see huge success online and pay little mind to how they are performing with visitors from their respective locales.

The problem with ignoring customers that might be local to you may not be clear if you are selling to a broad audience, but it is a mistake to ignore the opportunity that marketing locally can afford you.

Customers often want to do business with people in their communities, and from a customer service perspective, you should be proud of where you’re from.

Minimal Effort

There are small steps you can take to let the search engines know where you’re from, and as we’ve said, if you aren’t taking them, you are missing out. Engines like Google offer easy and clear ways for you to let them know where your business is from and what digital properties you are associated with.

Simple things like connecting your core website, blog, and social media accounts with a physical location can help users from your location and surrounding communities to find you more easily within the search engines and will help you seem more accessible, transparent, and human.

A quality digital marketing professional will know how to help you take action. Just Do It Local internet marketing can become much more elegant and provide results that we haven’t even begun to discuss. Opportunities for growth are vast online.

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Incorporate Local News and Places into Your Business Blog

If you’re a local business, you need the keywords to match. Just like you have keywords related to your products and services, look for nonrepetitive terms and details that local consumers would care about.

Not only do this further convince the search engine that you have a premium local business, it also convinces online traffic that your company is reliable.

Make Sure Your Company is Listed in Local Business Directories

Most of your traffic isn’t going to come from people typing in your specific business name or going directly to your website.

Instead, your business is going to show up in results on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List or tools like Google Maps. While some of those profiles might grow organically, you need to make sure they’re there.

Otherwise, people searching for a new service provider might never see your company.

Build an “About Us” Series on Your Website

An About Us page helps your customers feel a connection to your brand. Deepen that connection by emphasizing your origin story and why you like the community.

Featuring your impact on local attractions and events is even better. This company can show you how.

Email Marketing

Local search and an email marketing campaign are not the easiest marketing feats to pull off. In fact, they are fairly complex tasks. We’ve culled the list to include the top tips for your successful email marketing campaign.

Managing Spam

Keeping emails out of the dreaded spam or junk folders is one of the biggest challenges for email marketers.

This is where email campaigns most often fail. Email providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, and others) keep lists of approved senders called “white lists’; and once you’ve been added to that list, your message will land in the inbox where you want it to be.

Frequently prompt recipients to add you to their contact list, and you will end up in their inbox happily ever after.

Email providers consider several factors when determining the spam score they will assign to your IP address or domain, so the goal is to keep that score low.

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Most email providers have spam filters that look at how many messages you send at one time, so if your list is too big (typically more than 2000), your message will go to the junk pile.

Email providers also penalize you if you keep sending email to invalid addresses, so be sure to regularly clean up your email list.

Unsubscribe Option

Nobody likes breaking up, but always give recipients the option to unsubscribe from your emails, and then quickly follow up by actually removing them from the list so that users won’t be annoyed and report you as spam.

Good Design

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and adding an image to your email is not a bad idea. But there’s a balance–sending an email that is just one big image won’t work for you for many reasons.

First, spam filters are on the lookout for image-based emails. Sometimes true SPAM emailers embed words like “free” or “Viagra” into their big images, so a spam filter assumes the worst when it sees only an image and no substantive text.

Never use an image to convey a critical message; use text instead.

Don’t use “spammy” phrases in your email either. Avoid use of ALL CAPS, the word “free” and other spam-like words (you know what they are, we’ve all received spam), lots of exclamation points and colored fonts.

Several free software packages are available to check the “spam score” of your email prior to sending.

Finally, keep the text short and sweet. Be concise and use short paragraphs; bullet points are even better. Readers skim email and pick out key points, so bold-text important words. Your email will be deleted very fast if there is too much text.

Incorporate the Best Local SEO Strategies

Many companies neglect the reality of best local SEO strategies within engines like Bing and Google, and this could cost them, valuable customers.

The fact is, no matter how well you are performing in search engines, there is always the opportunity to do better. To start an amazing SEO journey, please contact us.

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