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How Does Geofencing Help You Reach Local Customers?

How Does Geofencing Help You Reach Local Customers?

Did you know that small businesses make the backbone of the U.S. economy? There are about 28 million small businesses all over the country. However, over half of its entire population works in a company classified under this category.

With the growing influence of the internet in today’s society, optimizing your website to its fullest extent is no longer a luxury. In today’s market, it’s a necessity.

Geofencing is an effective means of reaching people using mobile devices whenever they’re near your business’s proximity. It’s a type of local SEO that aims to attract customers through targeted ads based on their current area. Read on if you want to learn how it helps you reach your local customers.

1. It Guarantees Customer Engagement

How does geofencing work? Geofencing marketing sends the ads to smartphone users while they’re within the locality of your small business. It makes customers more likely to use their phones by 200%. This increases your customer engagement and the possibility of making sales.

Compared to other push notifications, targeted ads have fifteen times higher clickthrough rates. This means notifications get clicked more. They help your potential customers get to your business through promotional notifications your business advertises to them. It’s a great way of increasing your brand’s consumer awareness provided that you make effective use of it.

2. It’s Cost-Efficient

The great thing about geofencing marketing is the fact it gives your business perfect marketing timing. At the same time, you’re able to maintain a cost-efficient means of advertising.

Most small businesses don’t have the budget corporations use for their marketing and advertising campaigns. But with this type of local search, you’re given the tools you need to grow your business.

It doesn’t break your company’s budget since you create your own channel for marketing.

You won’t have to pay an agency to get your business out there. This makes it easier for you to compete with large business without having to spend lots of money to accomplish it. Whatever budget you have, there are affordable options for you to get exposure.

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3. Customers Want Geofences Notifications

All businesses in the country spend a combined sum of around $206 billion per year for their advertising needs. What this means for customers is that they get bombarded by ads and other marketing clutters on a daily basis. An average person can get exposed to 3,000-5,000 ads on a daily basis, which leads you to believe that people don’t want any more ads pouring through straight to their smartphone devices using geofences.

However, a lot of recent studies came out and concluded that this is a myth. Around 70% of potential customers think that geofencing notifications give them a lot of value. Around 53% of the same respondents say that they’re more likely to make engagements with the advertising.

The reason it’s more effective than traditional advertisements is the fact that it has perfect timing. Consumers are more appreciative of ads if it caters to their needs. Adding a localized notification relevant to their interests makes it less of an annoyance and more of a helpful interaction.

4. It Promotes Strategy and Creativity

Using this type of marketing brings out more of your creativity in sending out notifications to consumers within your area. One good trick you can use is the fact that you can buy and set a geofence area outside your company’s location, expanding your reach. This allows you to target your consumers in more strategic yet creative areas that make your business more relatable to them in more ways.

If you feel that your business has more means of strategizing, you can even set a geofence area within your competitors’ business locations. It’s a good means of deterring possible customers from using your competitor by giving them your business’s discounts, special sales, and other promotions. This drives more people to pick your business instead, increasing your own revenue and conversions.

The possibilities offered by geofencing advertising are endless. As a small business, it’s up to you to make full use of its capabilities through your creativity. This helps you open up new opportunities that you didn’t consider before.

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How to Make an Effective Geofence Notification

You can only achieve the benefits of geofencing marketing if you ensure that your message is effective. A great way to do this is by ensuring that your notifications are short and straight to the point. Each notification has around 100 characters, meaning that you don’t need to get into too much detail.

Always give the main message that you want to communicate to your potential customers. But it’s important to consider that you won’t close the sale by delivering a statement alone. Always include a call to action that entices your consumers to tap for more.

Making an effective message will give them a definitive reason to learn more about your business. Consumers will still enter your geofence at any given time so you can’t always rely on promotions and events to drive them towards your business. Always have a plan and make a message that makes customers feel like you’re always reaching out to them, making you more relatable and known.

Learn More About Geofencing Today!

Local SEO and other advertising strategies can help your local business compete with more established companies within your area.

Geofencing is a great technique to ensure that you’re reaching your target market while giving them the most value by catering to their needs in a timely manner. Always remember these benefits and capitalize on them whenever you could to ensure that your business has steady growth and has the support of your local customers.

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