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Best Local SEO Tips for Mobile Optimization

Best Local SEO Tips for Mobile Optimization

Looking for a way to optimize your site for a mobile world?

People are relying on mobile devices more and more to access their favorite news sites and social media accounts. They also use mobile devices to perform local searches for nearby restaurants, businesses, and shops.

Optimizing your website so that you can appear in local searches allows you to market to your users when they need you. When you optimize your website for mobile use as well, you’re taking steps to be digitally competitive as a business.

Read on to learn about how you can get the best local SEO strategy to maximize mobile optimization.

1. Choose Keywords Carefully

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means building keywords or phrases into your site’s content. When people search for these keywords or phrases in Google, sites optimized for these will appear towards the top of search listings.

If you’ve implemented SEO strategies already in your content development, you’re likely familiar with the keyword planning process. If not, you’re not too far behind.

When it comes to local SEO, you’ll want to choose shorter keywords that are specifically location-based. Think about a typical local search that you make in Google. You’re less likely to type in a super long phrase if you’re looking for the “best Chinese food in Los Angeles,” for example.

Choose short phrases that clearly identify your location, and implement these according to Google’s SEO guidelines.

2. Know Your Market

If you’re having trouble coming up with keywords, or are wanting to implement the best local SEO, start by identifying your market. Who specifically is your audience?

Your audience could be college students looking for a quick, inexpensive bite. Or you might be catering to retired women interested in rejuvenating their life paths.

Identifying your market can go a long way toward honing your keywords and helping you build the right content for mobile optimization.

3. Make Content Shorter

Because people are accessing web content on their phones or tablets most of the time, they often don’t have the patience to read loads of text. (Think about when you pick up your phone: what’s your attention span like?)

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In general, the best local SEO strategy keeps this in mind. Websites that harness the twin power of local SEO and mobile optimization have short, concise, and relevant content.

In general, write content that is optimized for local searches. But also write content that your users will find useful and to the point. Your goal is to get them in the door. Write and design with this in mind.

4. Optimize Page and Image Titles

Local SEO is effective if the text content of your site is optimized for local searches. But to pack the best local SEO punch, optimize page and image titles as well.

Local SEO works because people do more than just search for keywords on web pages. Maybe they’ll click the “Images” or “Shopping” tab on their Google menu bar. Remember that most people will be using mobile devices when they do this.

Optimizing titles in your local SEO strategy means optimizing for mobile devices in every possible way.

5. Take Care of Loading Times

When users whip out their tablets or phones, they are less likely to wait for sites to load content. Remember: your average user has a shorter attention span and will often have a specific need in mind when searching locally.

Optimize your website for mobile use by making sure your site loads at a high speed across browsers and devices. You can test your site loading speed through a quick analysis.

Wanting to increase the speed of your site? SEO, both global and local, can help out a lot. The right image files, shorter content, and the proper provider can also lead to high-speed websites.

6. Get Rid of Pop-Ups and Flash

A lot of mobile users will quickly leave your site if they encounter tricky plug-ins, pop-ups, or the need for Flash. Get rid of these in order to make every local search experience an easy one for your users.

While you’re at it, keep navigation of your site in mind. Mobile users will be relying on fingers and thumbs to navigate your website. Space out digital buttons and content accordingly–and make these easy to find!

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7. Consult a Professional

If your head is spinning when it comes to best local SEO strategies and mobile optimization, don’t worry. You don’t have to do it alone.

Reaching out to a professional SEO and web design service will enable you to maximize the power of your SEO strategies. You’ll be confident that your strategy is the best local SEO strategy, and that it will help rope in mobile device users as potential customers.

SEO services will do detailed analyses of your keywords and phrases so that you can link highly in every mobile local search.

Best Local SEO Tips for Mobile Optimization

Local SEO is essential for your business because it enables you to attract local customers and meet their needs on their schedules. In order to maximize the power of local SEO, it’s important to also think about how you can implement mobile optimization.

Luckily, you can change up your local SEO strategy to take advantage of the fact that most users will be accessing your site via mobile devices. Choose your keywords carefully, sticking with shorter and location-based phrases. Make content as short and concise as possible and make sure you optimize page and image titles in addition to content.

Be cautious of loading times and always develop content with your audience in mind. At the end of the day, reaching out to someone who knows can help you make the most of your local SEO.

At Text Links, we know everything there is to know about SEO and what it can do for your business, big or small. Find your best local SEO resources and web designer strategies all in one place. Text Links can help you rise to the top of any search listing.

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