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4 Ways to Tell If You Need a Website Upgrade

4 Ways to Tell If You Need a Website Upgrade

When you run a business or are trying to get a brand off the ground, your website is everything.

It’s not enough to just have a website, you’ll need to keep it upgraded and looking its best. There are a few telltale signs that you need to spruce up your site with a digital facelift.

Read below to find out if a website upgrade is in order, and how you can get help from a professional designer.

Get A Website Upgrade For Mobile Optimization

In this day and age, your website is virtually obsolete if you can’t view it on every platform.

People browse the web on all sorts of mobile devices, so you need to make sure it’s universal.

Making your site mobile friendly prompts people to spend more money. This creates infinite opportunities for you to brand yourself and monetize your site.

You’re better able to engage with your audience when the site is easily viewable on mobile platforms. Making your site mobile friendly allows for huge SEO benefits.

Keeping your site universal also means fonts and eye colors that are up to date and eye-catching.

Using outdated color schemes and fonts makes your site stand out for all the wrong reasons, and definitely calls for a website upgrade.

Bring Your Multimedia Up To Par

To really bring your website into the web 2.0 world, your multimedia has to be on point.

Using too many boring stock photos, or not incorporating video or audio is a sure fire way to get left in the dust.

Incorporating embedded YouTube videos helps you ramp up your search engine optimization. Today’s web user has an attention span as short as 8 seconds, so you’ve got to hit them with quality content as early in the game as possible.

Eye-catching multimedia is an excellent way to accomplish this.

Be Sure Your Site Matches Your Branding

You have to know how to brand yourself these days — no matter what field you specialize in.

Since your site is a reflection of your brand, it pays to give your site a facelift if it’s not truly setting you apart.

Web designers specialize in brand development that engages the public and helps increase your ROI. If your site isn’t strongly representing your brand, it’s definitely time for a website upgrade.

Click for more information about these trends and how a web designer can use these trends to build your brand.

Ramp Up Local SEO

Your website isn’t a success if it’s not incredibly easy to get in touch with you.

Incorporate local search engine optimization that helps bring in your targeted audience. Make sure that your contact information is up to date and easily searchable by Google.

Claim your business on all search and review sites, and be sure to link out whenever possible. The easier it is for people to find you, the more successful your site will be.

What tips do you have for upgrading your site? Leave us a comment below!

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