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How Does Cloud Computing Work? Everything You Need to Know

How Does Cloud Computing Work? Everything You Need to Know

So many of us use the cloud in everyday life, a lot more, in fact, than only a few short years ago. The cloud has gained about a billion more users than it had back in 2013. But how many of those people have asked ‘how does cloud computing work?’

Well, how does it work? We’ll boil down the science behind cloud use and what it’s good for in the informative article below. Read on to gain a better understanding of how we currently use the technology of the future almost every day.

How Does Cloud Computing Work: the Basics

It would probably ease a lot of minds to understand where all of our information goes when in the cloud. To help you gain a better understanding here’s a quick rundown of the revolutionary technology:

What’s the Cloud?

To put it as simply as possible, the cloud is a fancy way of using computer services over the internet. You can think of all the information flying between computers as existing in the sky, or in the clouds.

The cloud can be used to store information or access databases, transferring or logging into software, and networking across distances. Just like you pay for electricity at home, companies can pay to access the cloud for their work needs.

If you’ve ever accessed remote work files or logged into a company email from a computer at home, you’re likely using cloud services.

Apple technology (such as the iPhone) currently offers users a free portion of cloud services. This means that they can store information like pictures, videos, notes, and contacts in an offsite location. And this frees up space on the hardware.

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Why is it Such a Popular Service?

Cloud services can be a lot cheaper for some companies, which is obviously the stem of its popularity. Instead of buying extensive hardware and software to provide a service, companies can choose to offer services through a cloud network.

Security is another major perk. Many of the companies using cloud services are likely to have been hacked at one time or another. The dangers of potential hacking are endless including the ultimate downfall of any business.

Cloud services allow for added protection as the remote servers and the cloud storage is likely monitored and protected very well. When your business is other people’s business, you tend to care more about security.

Superb services such as New England Network Solutions demonstrate this added security by offering end-to-end IT solutions for their clients.

Types of Cloud Services

Public: When you access remote platforms, you’re using a public cloud service. If you’re using Adobe CC, for instance, you can access programs and files through the cloud no matter where you are in the world.

Private: A private cloud service is one used exclusively by a single business or company. It may be a specific platform or program that can only be accessed with company credentials, for instance.

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