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Website vs. Facebook for Small Business: Which One Gives You Better ROI?

Website vs. Facebook for Small Business: Which One Gives You Better ROI?

Taking your business to new heights means learning how to communicate in a way that works. Today, Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world, as they get $2 billion active users each and every month.

By making sure that you set up your home space either through a website or Facebook for small business, or both, you’ll be better able to thrive. You need to learn the perks of each and decide which is best for your company.

Follow these strategies so that you can make the most of your company’s communication.

The Benefits of Facebook For Small Business and Your Website

When you’re trying to decide whether you want to lean heavily on Facebook for small business or your website, you need to know the benefits.

By understanding the platform, the SEO solutions that count and more, you’ll be covered.

Facebook For Small Business Allows For Plenty of Share Potential

Using Facebook for small business gives you access to plenty of users because it’s easy to share your content. This is a built-in social media platform, so your content can spread out like wildfire when people share them across their networks.

By creating content that is easy to spread, you’ll have the chance to grow your visibility regardless of what sort of brand you have.

A Successful Website Boosts Your SEO Presence

While social media content is the name of the game, you will still want to grow your search engine optimization by mastering Google.

A quality website is still the cost of entry for good SEO practices. You can build your site from scratch with the finest SEO strategies so that you can create winning formulas that help you.

By building a successful website you will have the opportunity to reach your audience in new and different ways. Make sure that figure out the best way to design your site so that you’re drawing people in and keeping them.

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Facebook Ads Provide Excellent ROI

Today, you can get a lot of visibility by using Facebook ads.

Since this is such a big platform, you’ll get to skip the line, so to speak, by purchasing some ad space that gets people to your brand. You’ll get access to metrics and data that will be helpful for any ad that you decide to purchase.

You Can Point People to Your Website With Search Engine Ads

When you get the most out of your website, one of the best things you can do is purchase a Google ad.

Buying ads on the top search engine results page (SERP) will allow you to get the highest visibility. It will make people familiar with your site and your brand and will let you maximize on your ROI.

Now that you see the benefits of each, let’s take a look at why you might decide to choose one over the other.

Perks of Facebook Over a Website

You will get a lot of perks by deciding to double down on your Facebook small business use. Consider these points to see where they fit with your business:

Facebook is Growing Like Wildfire

When you’re thinking of where to stake your claim as time goes on, Facebook is a great starting point. It’s growing by leaps and bounds and allows you to capitalize on new users each day.

Facebook gets excellent retention rates so that you not only get visitors but also repeat visitors.

It’s a Great Networking Tool

To be sure that you’re getting the word out about your brand, you need to have a professional presence. When you’re on Facebook, you’re just a few steps away from creating connections through private messages and talking to other professionals.

It grows plenty of equity and shows that you’re always on the pulse.

You Can Share Great Video

Facebook is an excellent platform that allows you to share video whenever you need to.

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It’s to the point that many pros are learning the ins and outs of Facebook video marketing in order to get an edge. By building your hub on this platform you can share to your heart’s content, while also getting access to great analytics tools.

Perks of a Website Over Facebook

With that in mind, there are plenty of reasons that you’d want to focus on a site, rather than on Facebook.

You Control It From Start to Finish

Autonomy is everything in the business world.

With your own site, you don’t have to worry about permission or limited access. You simply build your site to your liking and make changes whenever you feel the needs.

This helps people identify with your brand and gives you full direction over where it’s headed.

You’re Not Subject to Third-Party Rules

Though Facebook is user-friendly, you are always subject to their rules and regulations.

By opting for a website instead of Facebook, you are in control and don’t have to worry about such limitations. You can host whatever content you like and can moderate your comment’s section without a third-party decision maker.

There’s No Real Competition

You don’t have to cut through the noise of your own website.

However, there are countless small businesses on Facebook vying for the attention of the public. Having your own site is an even playing ground, rewarding you for your ability to grow as a brand.

Consider Your Business Marketing Tools

By understanding the differences between Facebook for small business and websites, you can market and grow your company by leaps and bounds.

Regardless of what you choose, you need to put some strategy behind it. Subscribe to our posts to learn more about search engine optimization, web marketing and more.

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