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5 Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Digital Event Flyer

5 Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Digital Event Flyer

There’s no classic marketing tool more identifiable than the flyer: from theatrical ads to block party invites stapled to telephone poles. The event flyer has been a useful advertising tool for as long as paper has been around.

How can you take that age-old method and bring it into 2018 with success? We’ll cover that and more below! Continue reading to learn how you can create an engaging, impactful flyer that will attract business at your next event.

Creating a Successful Event Flyer

1. Consider Investing in Flyer Templates

For starters, the internet is full of flyer templates and design ideas that you can use for inspiration. Either invest in a quality, eye-catching design or else try to get an image of what you want based on other’s designs.

With templates, you can boil down options to be more professional and niche-specific or you can choose between wild and glamorous designs. Let the occasion determine the type of flyer template.

2. Make the Event the Focus

Whether you’re having a blowout sale or launching a new location, your event needs to be the focus. It’s wise to have a design in mind with banners and colors and potentially images, but let the event stand out.

The most obvious way is to place the announcement in the brightest color closest to the center of the flyer. Don’t overcrowd designs behind the focus, but use them in ways that complement and draw focus to the event announcement.

3. Use Impactful Words

If you’ve ever done any SEO work for web content, you’ll know that customers are drawn to specific keywords and phrases. You can use a keyword for niche audiences that will draw the eye to the focus event.

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Look for available resources and tools online that will help you narrow down your keywords and phrases for free. From there, look for designs and inspirations that let you put those impactful words front and center in the event announcement.

Action words seem to work the best: use words that cause actions to entice the viewer (“join us, don’t wait, come out,” etc.).

4. Implement Creative Fonts

No one wants to turn up for an event whose announcement is written in monospace type. Instead, you should pique the interest of any passersby with engaging text that stands out in the advertisement.

Use resources such as Google Fonts to pinpoint some font ideas down. Experiment with the text until you’ve found a nice balance in the design. Avoid using more than three different fonts on your flyer, though.

5. Pick Appropriate Colors

We want an event flyer to stand out, so using neon colors to promote a party is an excellent idea. However, a church gathering might not require neon or anything more than soft maroons and blues.

Make sure to pick appropriate colors that fit the theme of the event while staying true to the company design. Flyers should reflect the company and event without painting a false image of the establishment.

Insightful Marketing Resources

Perfecting the event flyer will ensure that your business reaches eyes and retains attention, hopefully attracting new clients to your next event.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your business by enhancing marketing, we’ve got just the resource for you!

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