People still judge a book by its cover, especially online. Many people don’t realize that page design plays a huge role in SEO rankings. Blog design inspiration geared toward increasing a site’s conversion must be considered if bloggers want higher rankings.

Bloggers tend to focus more on content. This makes sense, as most blogs are started as a way for people to express their opinions and passions.

Although content optimization is key to attracting visitors, there are also SEO tactics that revolve around design elements. Utilizing these tactics will give a web page an edge over other related blogs.

Clear Navigation

Navigation is important for both the user and search engines. A user needs to be able to know exactly where they are on a website. Search engines need to effectively crawl a web page in order to index its content.

It’s important to minimize the number of clicks it takes a user to reach different pages. The navigation of a blog should always remain simple.

Using Flash or JavaScript for drop-down navigation should also be avoided. Search engines have a harder time indexing content in these formats. Instead, use CSS links to create attractive navigation that indexes well.

Content Above the Fold

Many people think because internet users typically scroll through content that keeping words high on the page is irrelevant. It turns out that most people still spend their time above the fold and ignore the content placed lower on the page.

When a user gets to a blog they need to be engaged right away. Keeping content above the fold cuts down on bounce rates. It also allows for search engines to easily index relevant content and links.

When considering new blog design inspiration, bloggers should avoid huge images, ads, or sliders at the top of the page. This just pushes the relevant content lower and is likely to drive a user away.

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Limit Ad Space

Bloggers want ads in order to bring in revenue. But if ad space is not limited, load times will suffer along with traffic.

Bloggers also need to consider that users hate ads and will stop visiting a site with too many. A good user experience is overlooked if ad space is not regulated.

When thinking about blog design inspiration, a blogger needs to consider placing ads in a nonintrusive space. Only the highest performing ads should be used and the others eliminated.

Consider Breadcrumbs

Many people forget about breadcrumbs. They act as little roadmaps for a website or blog. Even if the architecture of a site is small, they can be beneficial and are discreet.

Incorporating breadcrumbs into the design of a blog will help users know where they are and also make it easier for search engines to index content. Making it easy for Google to categorize links will only increase quality SEO rankings.

SEO-Driven Blog Design Inspiration

Aside from creating a good first impression, a smart design has a huge impact on SEO.

Don’t let more traffic slip through your hands by neglecting these design tips.

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